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We  take care of all of your IT needs
Microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based collection of online tools, made specifically for collaborating, storing and communicating. It incorporates Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Lync Online and Office Live Meeting, which allows you to access email, documents, calendars and web conferencing facilities, no matter where you are and from any Windows or Apple device. It really is an office in the cloud!
Many organisations are choosing Office 365 as their cloud-based Microsoft solution. With some expert help from us, you can enjoy a smooth transition to this environment, no matter what your needs are:
You are new to Office 365 and want to use it as an intranet system
You have SharePoint already and want to move your web servers and SharePoint system to the Office 365 environment, without loss of data or functionality
You have an internal SharePoint solution, but want to use Office 365 for your external applications
Amazon Services

Storage & Archival
11 x 9’s durability (Probability of risk less than one file per billion)
99.99% availability
Fully automated Versioning and Life Cycle Management
Virtually infinite amount of storage capacity
Cost effective Archival
Weightless Dev & Test Environment
Elasticity is the new normal
Instances should be spun up & back down at will
Virtualize and robustly test your solution before deployment
No more guesswork!
Database Services
10X the performance of standard databases
1/10th the cost of an enterprise database.
Automated backup
The best-case scenario is a hybrid environment
Your entire infrastructure should be extended into the cloud
Real time testing
Immediate Failover
No more heavy lifting required

Our customized project Management solution can report on Tasks by phase, track progress and compare budgeted hours and cost against actual cost.

Track Estimate vs. Budget vs. Actual
Manage Consultant Fees
Customize Fields
Create Secure Notes for Projects, Contacts, Tasks
Tracking the Tasks
Tracking the Subcontracts Tasks
Track % Complete in Budgets
Track schedule Start and End Dates for project Phases
Reporting on Task
To this software, we can also add any other features that you might require.